A Summer to Remember With Cartier Eyewear London

The name ‘Cartier’ has long been associated with depth, style, and luxury. For nearly 175 years, the house of Cartier has been the go-to designer for royalty, as well as the social and cultural elite. Their long-standing reputation is built on a unique understanding of how to make the kind of daring and yet subtle statement about beauty that only those with a true understanding of the concept can achieve.

At Optikal Opticians, we are proud to be an authorised stockist of this prestigious brand. We offer frames for everyday use, as well as beautiful sunglasses for the coming season.

Why Cartier Sunglasses?

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Summer is a time for basking, being with friends and enjoying life. It’s also the time to see and be seen. When you choose your sunglasses, you want to be sure that they enhance the impression you make on the world. As with any accessory, the selection you make can accent and complement your whole look. Unlike most accessories, sunglasses have the potential to frame and enhance your face. This makes them one of your most important style choices.

Cartier has plenty of experience creating pieces that crown and complete a look. Now you can join the maharajas of the India, modern-day princesses, and movies stars by choosing a luxurious look from Cartier at Optikal Opticians in Potters Bar, Temple Fortune and Finchley.


Cartier sunglasses are the ultimate blend of timeless and contemporary style. The materials used for their latest eyewear include classics like gold, silver and leather combined with modern titanium and carbon. The craftsmanship that goes into every piece means that Cartier combines stunning visuals while successfully meeting practical needs for lightness and durability.

Design Process

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Many aspects of the Cartier glasses design process stem from the historical principles that the Maison has followed since the beginning. Flawless lines coupled with multi-shaded, multi-sized lenses work alongside recognisable logos like the panther and the intertwined ‘C’s. They constantly reinvent both their brand and their products to take advantage of developing trends and technology, whilst bringing their high-level experience along for the ride. “Tradition is not the enemy of evolution,” said Pierre Rainero, Cartier’s director of image.

Choosing Your Frames

Come along to Optikal Opticians in Potters Bar, Temple Fortune, or Finchley where our friendly teams are on hand to offer advice and to ensure you get the best look and fit for summer. We’d be happy to show you our entire range so you can experience the luxury of Cartier London of yourself and make this a summer to remember.