COVID-19 Update

As the lockdown continues, we want to reassure all of our customers that we are still here to support your vision and eye health needs during this time. However, in line with government instructions, our services are now limited to emergency and essential eyecare. But what does this mean exactly?

Emergency Eyecare

All our routine eyecare appointments have been cancelled and we can now only see you in our practices for emergency eyecare, or if you’ve been recommended to see us by NHS 111 or another healthcare professional.

What is an eyecare emergency? This includes but is not limited to:

  • eye pain and redness
  • seeing flashes of light
  • sudden loss of vision or change in vision
  • new onset of double vision

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or are concerned that you may have an eyecare emergency, please call us at our Temple Fortune branch, email:, or

Visits to any of our practices are strictly by appointment only. We will be able to advise you over the phone first to determine whether you need to come in to see us.

Contact Lens Wearers

We are still receiving contact lenses from our suppliers. So, if you are due another batch of your contact lenses, rest assured that we will be able to post them out to you. If you’d like to order contact lenses or discuss alternative arrangements to get your next batch of lenses, please call us first.

Damaged or Broken Glasses

If your glasses are damaged or broken and you can’t function without them, please call us to discuss how we can help and whether we can repair them at one of our practices.

These and any new glasses you already have on order will also be sent out to you by post.

How We Are Working Under Current Lockdown Conditions?

We are now operating a ‘one in, one out’ locked door policy at all our practices to make sure both our customers and staff can adhere to social distancing guidelines. So please ensure you only visit our practices if you have called ahead to arrange an appointment.

Here to Help

We look forward to welcoming you back when we resume normal service. In the meantime, our team of friendly and experienced optometrists are here to help over the phone and via email. If you have any concerns about your eyecare, please do call us on 0208 209 1231, email: or, so we can advise you on what steps to take next.

Thank you and stay safe.

The Optikal Opticians Team