About Chanel

Oui, c’est chic! If you’re looking for a touch of Parisian style, then look no further. We’ve carefully handpicked a selection of glasses and sunglasses from Chanel, the French fashion house that defined high fashion and ready-to-wear fashion culture. No other brand encapsulates that Parisian ‘Je ne sais quoi’ more than Chanel.

Founded by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel in 1909 on Boulevard Malesherbes in Paris, the brand was an instant success. Boutiques in the fashionable French towns of Deauville and Biarritz followed within a few years and Chanel’s designs became favourites among famous French actresses of the era.

In the decades to come, Coco revolutionised haute couture with her innovative designs and ground-breaking use of materials. Her brand would become synonymous with opulent luxury, timeless style and the finest craftsmanship.

The famous Chanel No. 5 was released in 1921 and is to this day still one of the most popular fragrances in the world. Makeup and skincare collections soon followed in 1924 and 1927. Coco launched some of her most iconic designs in the 1950s, including her trimmed tweed suit and her classic quilted leather 2.55 handbag with gold chain and clasp.

Coco passed away in 1971 but Chanel eyewear continues to effortlessly carry on her legacy. Each pair of frames is handcrafted with care and attention in Italy by skilled artisans. Only the finest materials are used, and designs are classically stylish. Subtle Chanel hallmarks, such as the famous interlocking CC logo, make them instantly recognisable. Think distinction, luxury and timeless elegance. What else would you expect?

For women, there’s a variety of styles to suit any face shape, with bold but chic designs that are unmistakably Chanel. Styles include Hollywood-inspired retro cat eye frames, elegant butterfly frames, and classic metal round frames with beautiful pearl accents. Details such as woven calfskin leather and gold chain link arms add that touch of class and luxury.

For men, designs are understated yet refined with the highest build quality, including classic aviators in titanium. If you value sophistication, tradition and refined quality in your style, it’s the brand for you.