About Mykita

High quality and hand crafted – MYKITA frames are modern, bold and engineered with precision. We’ve curated a selection of their most exciting frames, just for you.

The MYKITA brand was born in Berlin in 2003 and named after the building the company first occupied which was a former children’s nursery. Accordingly, a culture of curiosity and play shapes the brand’s bold designs and innovative concepts.

In-house engineering

MYKITA shares the same independent spirit as its home, Berlin. Production isn’t outsourced; it’s all in-house. Traditional craftsmanship is combined with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

The company creates its own tools and processes to meet its exacting design requirements. There’s no need for compromise when you’re in control of every detail.

Available in MYLON, acetate or stainless-steel, the design team at MYKITA draws out the most aesthetic characteristics of the materials they’re working with. For example, a hallmark of the brand’s designs is the openly displayed spiral hinge – now patented. For MYKITA, exceptional engineering has to also look good.

A range characterised by ultra-modern functionality

If you’re looking for garish details, look elsewhere. MYKITA frames have a distinctive aesthetic born of the brand’s progressive approach to modern design. MYKITA frames are a culmination of cutting edge engineering, high performing materials and modern looks.

The range includes a variety of styles, with their NO1 model at its heart. Made in stainless steel, the classic round design combines functional and understated with modern and sporty style. The LITE model comes in both stainless steel and mixed materials and is ultra-minimalist, sporting 3mm steel temples with the hallmark spiral hinge.

The LESSERIM range is as minimalist as it gets, reimagining the traditional rimless concept. The design uses barely visible ultra-thin frames to hold the lenses in place. With such minimal materials used, the glasses are so incredibly light you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Distinctive looks and ultimate comfort – the perfect combination.

MYLON frames take high-tech eyewear to new levels. An award-winning material innovation from MYKITA, it’s renowned for exceptional durability and lightness. 3D printing offers a variety of design options in the collection, from the subtle to the disruptive.

Whatever your style preferences, MYKITA offers a wide range of looks for men and women.