About Gucci

Known the world over as a leading luxury brand, Gucci was founded over a century ago in Florence, Italy. Guccio Gucci, the brand’s founder, started making high-quality leather bags designed for horsemen. When drawn carriages and then automobiles became more common, his collection expanded to luxury luggage. Shoes were the next natural progression and the brand took on America in the 1950s, where it slowly infiltrated the upper classes.

It was in 1990 that Tom Ford became head executive at Gucci and brought out a wealth of new collections, including fragrances, watches and sunglasses. With the distinctive combination of design flair and quality craftsmanship, Gucci sunglasses quickly became a sought-after item, and expanding into prescription glasses was the next step.

Through time, Gucci has reimagined itself under different creative directors, keeping the brand fresh and unique. Despite the variety of directions taken, the house of fashion has always kept to its root credentials of luxury and quality. With its latest revival, we decided to add a hand-picked variety of glasses and sunglasses to our frames collection. Gucci now produces eco-friendly frames and has a commitment to sustainability, which we support wholeheartedly.

Gucci’s credentials mean that the brand has attracted celebrities since its early days. Stars of music, sports and film have all sported Gucci eyewear including the likes of Kanye West, Beyonce, Christiano Ronaldo, Billie Eilish and Jennifer Aniston.

The latest range from Gucci sees designs drawing on retro shapes from an archive of classic styles. Every frame is created with an eye for detail, with the iconic GG emblem standing out as an intrinsic part of the design. Gold is a staple colour that will always feature in the collection, but you’ll also find thick, dark acetates across the board and bolder colours in sunglasses.

It’s all about the silhouette, with stand-out shapes dominating. Oversize square frames, classic cat eye and rectangular frames that shout out style are just a few examples. Gucci frames will never fade into the background – this is eyewear for people who want to show off their personality. Glamorous women and discerning gentlemen, we invite you to browse our collection of Gucci eyewear to find the perfect piece to set off your aesthetic.