Oliver Peoples

About Oliver Peoples

Hailing from the glamorous Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, the first Oliver Peoples boutique opened in 1987. The name comes from the signature on the receipt of an estate collection of vintage American eyewear, bought by the founders in the 1980s. It was this multitude of beautiful old frames that inspired the brand’s first collection of its own. Since then, the name Oliver Peoples has been consistent with superior quality, retro design and attention to detail.

At the time of its inception, the vintage elegance of Oliver Peoples eyewear was the opposite of the brash and bold colours and shapes dominating 80s fashion. The appeal of the sophisticated and elegant designs was immediate for some, a relief from the loud, in-your-face style of the time. The brand chose purposely to eschew a logo, something that made it stand out in itself. While some people are proud to wear high-fashion branding, others have a more subtle aesthetic and it is those to whom Oliver Peoples appeals.

A Hollywood baby, Oliver Peoples embodies the golden light and distinctive culture of its home. The brand maintains a vibe that is reminiscent of the golden years of Hollywood, a meeting of the entertainment cultures that dominate LA. Hardly surprising then, that the stars themselves love this understated brand. The likes of Cary Grant, Johnny Depp, Barack Obama and Robert Downey Jr are just a few of the men seen sporting Oliver Peoples. Women love them too, as shown by Angeline Jolie, Rihanna and Emma Stone.

We’ve always loved Oliver Peoples and have stocked the brand’s frames since we opened. With a combination of machine and handcrafting for superior build quality, along with enduring designs, we know these are glasses that will last. From the initial drawing to the finished product, each step of production is carefully considered to create eyewear that is balanced and refined. State-of-the-art machinery is complemented by hand-finishing in an intricate process that ensures strength and integrity in every completed frame.

Oliver Peoples may not be the only designer offering vintage style these days but that doesn’t stop them from leading the way. Designs in the latest collection range from timeless classics to progressive fashion with an intellectual flair. There really is a pair to suit everyone so we encourage you to come in and try some on.