See More, Do More — Multi Glasses Lens Offers Available NOW!

Going for a run, put on your trainers; going out to dinner, on go your smart shoes. For function and fashion, we all change our outfits to match the occasion. But why not extend that to your glasses too? With our limited time glasses lens offers available right now, there is no better time to get yourself an extra pair of glasses!

What’s the Offer?

Our multi-pair glasses lens offers are thanks to our partnership with Essilor, one of the world’s leading glasses lens suppliers. As part of their See More, Do More campaign, we’re offering discounts and free upgrades on your 2nd set of glasses lenses when you buy a pair of varifocals with Varilux lenses until the end of 2019! Your 2nd pair can be single vision, bifocal or varifocals — whatever works for your lifestyle, be it working at the computer, driving around or general use for all-day wear.

Why Essilor?

Essilor’s roots in eyeglasses began over 150 years ago as the Parisian company Essel. Its dedication to innovation led to a breakthrough in lens design in 1959, namely the creation of the varifocal lens.

The 1970s saw Essel merge with its biggest rival, Silor, to form Essilor, becoming the third largest optical lens company in the world. Even today, Essilor holds its own as one of the leading global optical lens suppliers. Experience, expertise and excellence are all part and parcel of the Essilor brand. And in 2019, it is still most famous for its Varilux lenses.

Varilux for All Your Vision Needs

Essilor’s latest advance in its varifocal lenses sees the arrival of the Varilux X series; the very best in universal varifocal lens design. Whether you’re looking off into the distance, reading up close or anything in between you can rest assured of clear, sharp vision and a seamless transition as your line of sight changes from near to far. For the very best varifocal lenses, there really is no better choice than Essilor, the original creators of these progressive lenses.

Take Your Pick

With our range of Essilor lenses, simply take your pick to complete your glasses offer. Essilor lenses can be paired with any of our frames, which include leading eyewear brands from Cartier, Chanel and Lindberg to Prada, Tom Ford, Gucci and more!

With the clock ticking on our multi glasses lens offer, there is no time like the present to come in-store and find your perfect frames. All of our opticians in Potters Bar, Temple Fortune and Finchley have this exclusive offer on now, so pay us a visit today and look forward to clearer vision whatever you’re doing with Essilor lenses from Optikal Opticians.