Spotlight on Cartier eyewear’s rich history

Cartier, a Maison of high-end jewellery, watches and accessories, is a name that is synonymous with luxury. The history of the famous brand goes back a long way and involves royalty and celebrities in its story. Carry on reading to take a look at the history of Cartier and its stunning eyewear collection.

Cartier history

Tracing its roots back to 1847, when Louis Francois Cartier took over his master’s workshop in Paris, Cartier has always been synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and timeless elegance. The brand’s ethos centres around a commitment to superior quality and innovation and a deep respect for its rich heritage.

Known initially for their exquisite jewellery and watches, Cartier ventured into the world of eyewear in the early 1980s. Before that, glasses were only custom-made for the most notable customers. This move marked a significant milestone in the brand’s history, as Cartier seamlessly translated their key principles of design, attention to detail and premium materials into creating eyewear that redefined luxury.

Cartier Eyewear

Cartier Eyewear

Cartier’s debut collection was crafted from the same high-end materials used for the brand’s jewellery and watches and featured sophisticated designs and exquisite detailing, as expected.

Each new eyewear design can be classed as iconic, dancing on the line between classic and modern. The result is a carefully curated collection of timeless yet contemporary, elegant frames.

‘Never imitate, always innovate’ is the principle Louis Cartier started with, and that hasn’t changed. When it comes to eyewear styles, you can always expect Cartier to present something incredible. Featuring embellishments such as the iconic Panthère de Cartier, you will always recognise a pair of Cartier frames.

Materials and construction

Materials and construction

One of a handful of eyewear manufacturers to craft their own frames in-house, Cartier eyewear for women and men is created at the brand’s facility in France. Glasses are crafted from top-quality materials, to reflect their luxury status. Precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as more unusual materials including buffalo horn, leather, and wood, can all be seen in Cartier frames.

Traditional and modern technologies are used in conjunction to carefully craft frames that are durable and lightweight yet beautiful. The innovative combinations of materials make for chic styles with creative flair.

The design process starts with a sketch before creating a wax model, which is then 3D printed. Once the prototype is approved, the frames can begin to be made. Each stage requires time and precision, from hand lacquering for a smooth surface to diamond polishing for a gleaming finish that will last. Meticulous attention to detail is infused in every stage, with the finished result meeting the high standards for which the brand is known.

Cartier, loved by all

A combination of luxury materials, impeccable craftsmanship and eye-catching designs means that many celebrities can be seen wearing Cartier sunglasses and eyewear. You’ll catch Hollywood stars wearing Cartier on and off the screen, including heavyweights like Michael Douglas and Tom Cruise. The brand is on trend with a host of younger celebs, too, with the likes of Dua Lipa, Drake, and many NFL players and rappers favouring Cartier.

Why do Cartier frames have such appeal? Partly, it’s the name and its links with luxury and fame. To be seen wearing Cartier is to announce that you are someone who matters. There’s also the fact that the collection features styles that just look stunning and transcend different cultures.

Of course, Cartier glasses are an investment. You’re paying for high-end materials and craftsmanship as well as the name. This is eyewear that will always look good and stay on trend, and being so well made, they will last for years.

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