Get Clued Up On Dry Eye Syndrome

Eyes feeling irritated after days staring at the office computer? Sore when you take your contacts out? Gritty when you drag yourself out of bed in the morning? There’s a high chance you might be suffering from dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye – or ‘keratoconjunctivitis sicca’ – is a common condition that affects a whopping 25% of people in the UK, though this figure climbs to 50% for those who regularly use a computer.

So what actually is dry eye? The condition occurs when your eyes aren’t producing enough quality tears to adequately lubricate themselves, and is characterised by feelings of dryness, soreness or grittiness that worsens as the day goes on, but symptoms can also include blurred vision, sticky eyelids, redness and excessive watering. Although these symptoms are usually mild to start with, they can develop into more serious complications – such as vision deterioration or extreme sensitivity to light – if left without dry eye treatment.

Experiencing any of the above symptoms? Luckily for you Optikal is a dry eye specialist in London and our team is well equipped to help. Most of the patients we see with the condition are unaware that dry eye syndrome is the root cause of the irritation in their eyes, but you’ll be relieved to discover that in the vast majority of cases dry eye treatment is simple and effective. During your dry eye examination our highly qualified optometrists will assess the extent of the condition and advise on which dry eye treatment is best to allay your specific symptoms. Usually this will involve specialist dry eye eye-drops, though your optometrist may advise anti-inflammatory ointment or, in the most extreme cases, surgery.

You might be wondering what causes dry eye syndrome in the first place. There are plenty of factors that increase your chances of contracting dry eye, most commonly – the natural aging process, spending time in windy or hot climates, prolonged wearing of contact lenses, certain contraception medications and even the menopause. Some scientists also believe that modern lifestyles are contributing to a ‘dry eye epidemic,’ with new research suggesting that working at a computer for long hours every day can reduce your blink rate, alter the composition of your tear fluid and result in digital eyestrain, all exacerbating the symptoms of the syndrome.

As a dry eye specialist in London, Optikal offers appointments specifically for dry eye treatment. During these appointments, one of our optometrists will talk you through the condition, chat about your specific symptoms and examine your eyes for any further damage. After this quick assessment, you’ll be recommended the best dry eye treatment available to immediately sooth any irritation you may have been experiencing.

If you think you might be suffering from dry eye syndrome and would like to book a dry eye treatment appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 020 8209 1231 or by booking online. Our expert team are always on hand to serve your vision.