A Glamorous Summer with DITA Sunglasses

Are you looking to add a touch of glamour to your summer look? Read on to discover the exquisite craftsmanship and beauty that make DITA sunglasses stand out from the crowd.

The Brand Is Born

For over 25 years, DITA eyewear has mesmerised the world with its bold designs, suburb craftsmanship, and inspiring innovation. The brand is the brainchild of school friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, who bonded over a shared love for photography and design. One thing led to another, and the classic brand was born.

Inspired by pin-up model and burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, DITA eyewear exudes classic Hollywood glamour, beautifully blending classic and contemporary designs. As you can imagine, there’s a reason this designer brand has earned a cult-like following of celebrities, musicians, athletes, and fashion lovers all over the globe.

Celebrating Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Oozing subtle luxury and timeless charm, this revolutionary brand was built to favour the brave. You can expect every pair of DITA sunglasses for men and women to be carefully handcrafted using only the highest quality materials including acetate, 18K gold, titanium and white gold.

Designed in Los Angeles, the eyewear is finished in Japan to ensure no detail is overlooked. This is where DITA eyewear gets its recognisable and renowned glossy look.

The brand prides itself on its unparalleled quality with a single frame taking a month to craft to make sure all manufacturing standards are met.

Designed To Stand Out

Despite the noticeable lack of logo, which was a conscious decision, DITA sunglasses for women and men were designed to stand out from the crowd. And so are you.

The stunning eyewear indulges in classic colours and timeless shapes, once again letting the brand’s discreet elegance speak for itself. You can count on DITA eyewear to continuously transcend convention, creating a luxury brand that never fails to captivate and enthral its wearers.

Your Chic Summer Look

DITA eyewear was made for the daring and adventurous. In the gorgeous summer collection, you will find no shortage of eye-catching frames with a flair for glitz and glamour.

If you’re not afraid to embrace all that you are and celebrate all your unique quirks, DITA eyewear is the brand for you. Iconic in every way, you’re sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression wherever you step foot.

Browse Our Selection

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