Getting Glam with Mykita Sunglasses

Sunnier days and summer rays call for high-quality protection for your eyes. With each of our 3 stores offering Mykita sunglasses in London, we want to shine the spotlight on them. Just why are glamorous Mykita sunglasses your new go-to accessory?

Brand History

The name ‘Mykita’ combines their ethos of creativity and discovery. It is named after the original building they were housed in — a children’s day centre (“kita”). In its infancy, back when it was founded in Berlin in 2003, the brand made a fundamental decision — to establish an in-house production of original eyewear. What followed was the creation of new systems and tools to enable this independence alongside quality assurance.

This playful innovation continues at the artistic hub of their new Berlin Kreuzberg premises. Located in a cosmopolitan area, a culturally diverse Mykita Haus team is encouraged to experiment with new ways of bringing glamorous designs to the table. The results are high-quality, desirable sunglasses.

How the Frames are Made

Mykita’s uber-stylish frames are still made in Berlin. Available in Mylon, acetate or stainless-steel options, their design team doesn’t rest on its laurels. They look for ways to be true to their values and showcase the best properties of each material.

Their ‘Mylon’ material is durable and so light that you may forget you’re wearing them; that is, until you start receiving compliments. Created using selective laser sintering, a type of 3D printing, a powdered polyamide is bonded together in multiple layers according to the precise design data programmed in.

As the cornerstone of Mykita, their Collection NO1 takes a more hands-on approach. In a process that resembles Japanese origami, stainless steel sheets are bent and folded. They transform from 2D to 3D through precision-based craftsmanship.

Mykita Hybrid

Working with experts from outside the company, you can rest assured that Mykita sunglasses infuse cutting-edge technologies as well as glamorous looks. Coining the term ‘modern manufactory’, they blend high-tech and handcrafted processes in their HYBRID collection. All have the customer in mind.

Their Style and Frame Inspiration

Mykita is all about minimalist designs. The bridge and hinges are immediately noticeable and resemble modern architecture’s clean lines. At its place of origin, Berlin’s buzzing arts and multicultural scene, they continue to infuse different elements from around the world. Berlin may be home to Mykita but Mykita brings the whole world into their designs. And we bring Mykita sunglasses to the UK!

Who Do They Suit Best?

We believe that anyone can pull off these glamorous sunglasses. An uber-cool minimalist brand, their eyewear’s clean lines don’t distract from the wearer’s face shape and facial features. If you’re looking to up your urban street style credentials, rest assured you can purchase Mykita sunglasses with confidence.

mykita sportsWhat Sets Them Apart From Others?

You won’t find another eyewear range that merges the know-how of designers, engineers and scientists quite like Mykita do. Taking place in-house, their production harnesses handmade craftsmanship and new printing technology. Their patented spiral hinge is a clear example of Mykita’s fundamental philosophy — it is not enough to solve a problem; the answer must also be visually pleasing.

With this in mind, why not book a time at our opticians in Finchley Central, Potters Bar & Temple Fortune to view the collection and get the Mykita ‘look’ this summer?