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Transitions – What Are They and Can They Benefit You This Summer?

Here at Optikal we think everyone should own a pair of Essilor Transitions Lenses – for this reason we’ve set up a special offer for our loyal patients. When you buy a pair of Varilux brand varifocals with Sapphire coating, you get the second pair of lenses at half price….

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Polarised Lenses – Are They for You?

Here at Optikal we believe all our patients should own a pair of high quality polarised glasses or sunglasses as these lenses do what no other lens can do – block excessive and blinding sun glare. What Are Polarised Lenses and How Do They Work? Polarised lenses provide superior glare…

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Eye Opening Facts About Cataracts

At Optikal, we aim to educate our patients and readers about the various types of eye conditions and especially the symptoms they need to look out for in their vision. Symptoms aren’t always immediately noticeable, however there are certain conditions you should keep an eye out for as they can…

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