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Shape of You: How to Pick Sunglasses for Summer

Finding the right shape sunglasses can be tough, especially if you’re not sure what your face shape is. Here at Optikal we’re ready to get your face into shape with some handy tips for picking the best fitting sunglasses for you. Determine Your Face Shape The first step to choosing…

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Contact Lenses – 10 Do’s and Don’ts

So, you have decided to finally take the plunge and add a whole new look to 2018… Contact Lenses! You walk out of your opticians excited for the new you with no glasses! Drive all the way home knowing when you glance in the rearview mirror, you’ll be without glasses…

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Best Eyewear of 2018

2018 is finally here. Out with the old and in with the new. A new year often represents change; kicking out old habits and bringing in fresh challenges and habits that will – hopefully – serve you well for the rest of the year. Style? Well, it’s no different. As…

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