Polarised Lenses – Are They for You?

Here at Optikal we believe all our patients should own a pair of high quality polarised glasses or sunglasses as these lenses do what no other lens can do – block excessive and blinding sun glare.

What Are Polarised Lenses and How Do They Work?

Polarised lenses provide superior glare protection against the sun’s light which can cause serious vision problems. Sunlight reflecting off of snow, water or even flat surfaces can create glare which is not only annoying but can also be very dangerous.

Polarised lenses contain a unique filter which is put onto the lens as a coating. When light hits and reflects from a surface, the reflected light waves are polarised by the filter to match the angle of that surface – you might notice that the amount of glare changes as you adjust your viewing angle. The filter blocks intensive reflected lights which will improve your visual comfort, enhance the clarity of your vision and give you better contrast between objects you view.

What Are the Benefits of Polarised Sunglasses?

There are many benefits of polarised lenses and there’s a type for everyone! Whether you’re into water sports or want to read your favourite book outside without having to squint the whole time. There are also many health benefits to polarised glasses compared to their non-polarised counterpart.

  • Improved Safety by Reduced Glare – Road and water surfaces are the main perpetrators in the creation of glare, therefore wearing polarised lenses when driving or performing any sports activities on Water or on the road will not only improve the comfort of your eyes but they can also keep you safe and away from any incoming dangers that you might’ve missed due to glare.
  • See Beneath the Surface – Boatmen and Fishermen love polarised glasses for a reason! The special coating on the lens blocks reflecting light from water surfaces meaning you can easily see into the water. Without polarised lenses, the view would be obscured by the glare making it very uncomfortable and almost impossible to see into the water.
  • Improved Comfort and Vision – No more squinting means no more sore eyes! Squinting is known to cause headaches, irritation and fatigue when done for a long period of time – these lenses neutralise these issues and allow the wearer to enjoy sunny weather without discomfort. The elimination of glare also means you’ll see details and colours you weren’t able to before.

How Do I Know If My Lenses Are Polarised?

The easiest way to find out is to look at a digital screen – if you see a colour split or a rainbow type effect then your lenses are polarised! Or you can simply follow these steps from WikiHow.

Whether you’re an avid fisherman or just want that extra protection against the sun, polarised lenses are worth considering next time you’re thinking of buying a pair of fresh sunglasses. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and indulge yourself in a pair of beautiful polarised sunglasses in no time!

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